Path to focus, feelings and fitness in rhythm of life

Do you ever have to read something for a class, and it gets all the wheels turning in your head immediately, and you’re ready to write an entire essay on the ideas it presents right off, and then you realise that the things you’re thinking about have absolutely nothing to do with the reason it was shown to you and you have to hold all the insight you have on it because none of that is relevant to the curriculum? Well, this may not be your expectation upon reading someone explain an experience in depth and with barely concealed rage at the world for putting them into the described situation, but I have had this experience. And the fact that I have is why you’re now expected to read an analysis of the role of poetry in the world. Continue reading “Path to focus, feelings and fitness in rhythm of life”

Talking About Gender (Yes, Again (but don’t go looking for the first time))

I know, there are lots of things I haven’t talked about before that I could go into. I could talk about the concept of freedom of speech, and how it is often in my view misused, and not treated with the nuance it deserves. I could talk about systemic racism, and how it intersects with class in the modern world. It’d be really fun to talk about the way young left wing people are often characterised as easily offended when in fact many generations and ideologies have been and are offended by many things, often much more trivial than the things young left wing people are often derided for criticising. But today I’m going to spend some time on the very concept of gender. But something that I think is important to remember about the very concept of gender is that IT’S JUST SO INTERESTING, and HARDLY ANYONE SEEMS TO REALLY THINK ABOUT IT, and perhaps most importantly YOU CAN’T STOP ME! Continue reading “Talking About Gender (Yes, Again (but don’t go looking for the first time))”

It’s ace awareness week this week, apparently. Did you know that was a thing? I didn’t, but I guess that why there’s an awareness week for it, and in the spirit of awareness, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the people who we don’t talk about. People whose sexualities are fluid, people whose romantic orientation doesn’t match up with their sexual one, people in grey areas of sexuality, and objectum people. Just because someone’s feelings don’t match up with the majority doesn’t mean that they’re invalid or not genuine. Let’s accept everyone, not consign people we don’t understand to the role of novelty.